Three raves and two interregnums

Xesca Salvà & Marc Villanueva Mir

After focusing on the scientific way of looking at the living beings that we do not see, in Three raves and two interregnums we try to make contact with life through the universe of psycoactive mushrooms. Visions, hallucinations, superpowers... The extraordinary experiences that mushrooms unlock in the human brain do not only point at the existence of other realities but ask us to question altogether the acquired distinction between reality and fiction.

Three raves and two interregnums is named after one of the speeches that the ethnobotanist Terence McKenna gave in a rave in the nineties, where he argued that mushrooms may be an extraterrestrial lifeform, much wiser than humans. Following McKenna’s inspiring discourse, the poet Martí Sales and the actress Francesca Piñón host a rave that is devoted to mushrooms and all the folk characters that tradition has built around them: a heated celebration of gnomes, dwarfs, giants and smurfs, whereby the audience is invited to let go and enjoy different aproaches to reality. Approaches that are indeed to be found on the foundations of our culture. Psycoactive mushrooms act as a departure point in order to imagine a radical and direct way of experiencing comunication with another lifeform, but also to play with imagination, party and transformation, which are forces of theatre as well.

Performers Francesca Piñón and Martí Sales
Terence McKenna’s translation Martí Sales
Costume design Jorge Dutor
Lights design Ana Rovira
Sound composition Gerard Valverde Ros
Production Helena Febrés
Photography Sílvia Poch
Lili Marsans
With special thanks to Oriol Sauleda and Txalo Toloza

Coproduced by Teatre Lliure, Xesca Salvà & Marc Villanueva Mir, in the frame of Ajuts a la creació Carlota Soldevila

Previous dates

Barcelona | Teatre Lliure
10.-12.06.22 20h