On the Other Side

Marike Splint

We live in an era that is seeing unprecedented migration as a result of global inequities, climate change, and political regimes. While, after the Cold War, the hope of a world without borders seemed to be closer to fulfill than ever before, we are facing nowadays a return to the necessity of bordering in most political agendas. It is therefore time again to question what a border is, where we find it and how it works.

On the Other Side is a documentary performance in development about the real and imagined borders that delineate the territories of our lives. Three performers whose lives have been directly and deeply impacted by borders at different times and different places attempt to grasp the tangible effects of these intangible constructions: borders in our lives, in our cities, in our societies, in our families, in our professions, and on stage.

Direction Marike Splint
Performed and created by Vaneh Assadourian, Isis Avalos, Paul Outlaw, Marike Splint
Dramaturgy Marc Villanueva Mir
Sound design/ original composition Jonathan Snipes
Lighting design Christopher Kuhl
Scenic and video design Hana Kim
Assistant video designer Ann Slote
Costume design Naomi Gonzalez Kahn
Stage manager/ Production manager M. Prudente
Technical director Cameron Squire
Photography La Mujer Tranvia/ Gema Galiana

With special thanks to Miranda Wright, Los Angeles Performance Practice, Rachel Scandling, Automata, Andrew Belser, Janina Brands

Co-commissioned by the Skirball Cultural Center in partnership with ADRI Penn State and NPN/ VAN (National Performance Network/ Visual Artists Network), with the collaboration of the UCLA School of Theater, Film & Television.

Marike Splint

Previous dates

Los Angeles | Skirball Cultural Center
21.02.20 20h