Marc Villanueva Mir

Arrangement of some excerpts of the video live show designed for the interdisciplinary piece Bats&Clubs, as displayed in MACBA, 2014.

A weird and pretty pervert collage made of excerpts from Maciste nelle miniere di re Salomone (Piero Regnoli, 1964), interviews with Michel Foucault, Noam Chmosky, Jacques Lacan and Slavoj Žižek, and works from Marcel Duchamp, Piero Manzoni and the Sex Pistols. By using this collage technique and combining elements of high and pop culture we tried to create a postmodernist party atmosphere at the end of the performance that would reflect on how revolutionary movements (as much in social fields as in arts) can be absorbed and trivialized by the capitalist system.

Video Marc Villanueva Mir
Music Gerard Valverde Ros
With special thanks to Alejandro Montiel

To read more about the project that contained this work, please go to Bats&Clubs.