Gerard Valverde Ros

In the first scene of Shakespeare’s Coriolanus we witness the rising and fail of a popular uprising. Once the citizens are gathered to claim for bread to their government, the politician Menenius appears and manages to dissolve the mob by using a persuasive rhetoric.

Bats&Clubs is an interdisciplinary piece for eight performers and electroacoustic tape that explores the acoustic and spatial possibilities of the choir and the relationships between language and power. The text by Shakespeare is scattered and used by the performers as a sound material while they move through the audience, who should decide whether to join the dynamics of the uprising or to reject them. 

“It is a power that we have no
wounds and tell us
to put our tongues into those wounds and speak
his noble deeds,
of which we being members
for the multitude
of the multitude
of us
already once
he called us

Artistic direction Gerard Valverde Ros
Dramaturgy Marc Villanueva Mir
Stage direction Hèctor Mora Campón
Performers Raquel Ferri, Jaume Forés, Marina Mulet, Mar Casas, Clara Garcés, Joan Sirera, Oreig Canela, Albert Ruiz
Light Lluís Serra
Sound Miquel Santaulària
Video Marc Villanueva Mir
Video recording Elisenda Triadó
Acknowledgements Estanis Aboal, Juliette Louste, Alejandro Montiel, Helena Torres

Produced by XI Festival Shakespeare Barcelona and MACBA


Gerard Valverde Ros

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