El satisfecho vuelve la espalda a la fuente

Marc Villanueva Mir & Gerard Valverde Ros

El satisfecho vuelve la espalda a la fuente is a staged radio work for three performers and several coffee makers that plays with the interaction between the voices and the sounds of the coffee makers, electronically processed and manipulated live. The text materials the performers go through are a collage made of excerpts from the Balance of Payments Manual of the IMF and the user’s manual of a coffee machine, which are interwoven together with excerpts of economical news, users’ complaints about the coffee machine taken from online forums, statistical data and a list of eviction-related suicides in Spain. This superposition and confusion of voices and discourses outlines a reflection on the precariousness of the contemporary Spanish society.

The reading of the text is timed and scored with different tasks related to how to read and how to interact with the amplified coffee makers, so hazard and improvisation play an important role in the final output.

Text Marc Villanueva Mir
Composition and live electronics Gerard Valverde Ros
Performers Neus Pàmies, Laura Riera, Xavier Alomà, and several coffee makers
Costumes & scene design Alejandra Lorenzo, Patricia Albizu
Production Rafael Plana
Photography Sergi Panizo
Video recording Eric de Gispert

Radio work developed for scanner.fm with the support of Institut del Teatre de la Diputació de Barcelona and Fundació Teatre Romea

download performance text [multiple languages]

Gerard Valverde Ros

Previous dates

Barcelona | Teatre Romea
15.5.17. 19h

Barcelona | MAE (Performing Arts Museum)
26.3.17. 20h