Songs for the bitch witch women

Mariona Naudin

Why is anything we say questioned simply because we are women? From Cassandra who nobody believed to Joan of Arc burned at the stake, from Christina of Bolsena with her tongue ripped out to Ana Orantes burned alive after telling a TV show how her husband had abused her. Unfortunately, it’s not very hard to find examples of female figures who have been ridiculed, mutilated or murdered for having spoken out in a space traditionally dominated by men. There are claims that in certain cases of witch burnings, the voices of the tortured women could be heard over the noise of the fire and even after the flames had been extinguished. That strange out-of-body voice that refuses to die is the basis of an investigation into the world of the irreverent and the monstrous. Because women have always been very close to monsters.

Songs for the bitch-witch women is a stage work that straddles the line between performance, music, and theatre, stemming from the need to find an “other word”; an embodied word that resonates in our bodies, a word that recovers its primal meaning and sheds euphemisms, a language that does not follow the logic of rational thought. SFTBWW is a concert by a monster-woman who is constantly transforming, who is one and at the same time is all. An oracle that reads our insides, an attempt to dissolve the invisible line that separates the self from the other.

Idea and stage direction Mariona Naudin Lorda
Devised by
María García Vera, Edi Pou, Sara Fontán, Núria Andorrà and Mariona Naudin
Performers María García Vera, Mariona Naudin and Núria Andorrà
Imma Bové
Marc Villanueva Mir
Stage and costumes design 
Pau Masaló
Lighting design 
Ana Rovira
Photography Alessia Bombaci
Artistic advisors 
Sofía Asencio and Alberto Cortés

Coproduced by Fundació Joan Brossa-Centre de les Arts Lliures, Festival TNT, Espai Nyam Nyam and OSIC (Generalitat de Catalunya), supported by Teatre La Gorga de Palamós, El Graner-Mercat de les Flors, L’Animal a l’Esquena and “Si no vols pols no vinguis a l’era” Espai Nyam Nyam.


Mariona Naudin

Upcoming dates

Barcelona | Fundació Joan Brossa

Previous dates

Terrassa | Festival TNT
30.09.23 22:30h