Nightmares of a nation

Marike Splint & Marc Villanueva Mir

As Hitler came to power in 1933, the Berlin-based journalist Charlotte Beradt started to query people around her about their dreams, which she patiently collected and was finally able to publish in 1966.

Nightmares of a Nation, titled after Beradt’s book, is an exhibition set up in public restrooms, which displays a series of 15 prints that combine the dreams gathered by Beradt between 1933 and 1938 with dreams about Donald Trump that have been submitted anonymously to Kelly Bulkeley’s digital dream database.

This exhibition aims to explore the impact of politics on the subconscious, and therefore to question the boundaries between public and private life.

Curated by Marike Splint & Marc Villanueva Mir
From the dream catalogues of Charlotte Beradt & Kelly Bulkeley

Exhibit produced within the frame of the Internationales Forum 2017 of the Theatertreffen des Hauses der Berliner Festspiele with the collaboration of Uferstudios GmbH


Marike Splint

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