El candidato

Marc Villanueva Mir

1969. In the midst of the very singular political situation that followed May 1968, the independent bookshop and publisher L’Impensé Radical, specialised in rare strategy games, opens in Paris (Rue de Médicis 1). One of its particular aims: to deploy strategy games as a model to decipher the mechanisms of political power and practices of domination.

Fifty years after the demonstrations and occupations of May 1968, El Candidato retrieves one of the board games published by L’Impensé, and invites you to a performative game night for eight players in a private flat. El Candidato creates a playful situation around a table, in order to think collectively of what “politics” currently may mean, and specially of what “political” actually means.

“The Candidate retrieves a board game of the seventies in order to think about the most savage political logics. The spectators are therefore turned into candidates lead by two goals: knock down their opponents and reach the top of the hill. The performative game is much more than just a game, and becomes soon a direct mirror of the highest political levels to show how any good will is unavoidably crushed by the voracious and destructive seduction of power.”
Núria Juanico, “El TNT escanya el poder i celebra la vida”, Ara

By and with Marc Villanueva Mir
Sound composition Gerard Valverde Ros
Artistic advisory Alán Carrasco
Production Viola Sprengel
Photography Elisenda Triadó

With special thanks to Estanis Aboal, Dominique Doguet, Carlos Franke, Li Lorian, Thomas Meckel, Carme Mir, Hèctor Mora Campón, Verónica Navas, Xesca Salvà, Ricard Villanueva

Coproduction of Festival TNT - Terrassa Noves Tendències, with the support of Giessener Hochschulgesellschaft and Institut für Angewandte Theaterwissenschaft


Gerard Valverde Ros

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